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Optimum under eye delivery

Approved medical device in UK, EU, AU

Wear over spectacles

100% UV free and eye safe

Australian made wearable

Wear 30-60 minutes per day

Superior green/blue light

25 years of scientific research

Fall asleep and stay asleep

Regulate my mood and energy during winter

Manage changes in my body clock due to shift work

Beat jet lag while travelling internationally

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I am now on day 6 of using the glasses. I would like to say thank you. What a difference they have made to my quality of life

Carole Russell
Perth, Australia

Very light. Had a Philips goLITE for years then needed something portable. This does the trick nicely. Thank you!

Peter Moore
New York, USA

Re-Timer has really helped me to prepare and adjust to the time zones throughout the competition season.
Danielle Scott
Sochi Olympic Aerial Ski Champion
Sydney, Australia

Being a shift worker sleep Re-Timer helped me where nothing else did especially when working night shift.

Gary Fenton
Melbourne, Australia

Re-Timer is the safest and best performing light therapy product on the market. Better than all the competing glasses and light therapy boxes.

How To Sleep Better e-Book

Experts share the secrets of sleep in their new book. Written by Dr Helen Wright and Professor Leon Lack, this eBook will answer questions including:

1. What are the different forms of insomnia?
2. How much sleep do I really need?
3. At what time of the day should I take a nap?

The book also explains that awakenings are normal during sleep and provides sleeping tips. If you are a good sleeper, this book will still teach you how to sleep better.

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