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Routine use for extraordinary results

Fall asleep and stay asleep

Regulate mood and energy during winter

Manage body clock changes due to shift work

Beat jet lag while travelling internationally

What are Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses?

Re-Timer Features

Optimum under eye delivery

Approved medical device in UK, EU, AU

Wear over spectacles

100% UV free and eye safe

Australian made wearable

Wear 30-60 minutes per day

Superior green/blue light

25 years of scientific research

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Customer Feedback

My no. 1 hack for better sleep during the winter months is using my Re-Timer sleep wearable light therapy glasses every morning.
Getting 30 to 60 minutes of natural light exposure in the mornings can help you take advantage of all of the above benefits but can be difficult to come by during the dark winter mornings.

Dr. Angela Holliday Bell, Sleep Specialist
United States

Re-Timer has been a game changer when it comes to jetlag while I travel to different time zones and countries.

Julian Garcia, Bio Hacker

Re-Timer has really helped me to prepare and adjust to the time zones throughout the competition season.
Danielle Scott
Sochi Olympic Aerial Ski Champion
Sydney, Australia

Re-Timer light therapy glasses have helped me overcome Jet Lag making time zone adjustments seamless and keeping my energy levels in check!! The glasses helped me improve my athletic performance by overcoming Jet lag while on international tournaments.

Rodrigo Nascimento, UFC Fighter,

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