Cherish Precious Moments and Chase Away The Baby Blues

Did you know that around 20% of women who have given birth suffer from some level of the baby blues? 

Becoming a parent brings a wide range of emotions, such as joy and excitement to stress, anxiety and apprehension.  During this period though, both parents may experience disturbed circadian rhythms and sleep cycles leaving them irritable, lacking energy and variable mood state.  Bright light therapy can help overcome these symptoms.

Bright Light Therapy & Postpartum Depression Research

Bright light therapy is widely known to be a solution for the Winter Blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  However, per an initial pilot study at the University of Michigan, the Re-Timer home-wearable light therapy glasses was  found to be potentially feasible for postpartum depression.

You can access the research article here:

Why Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses?

Bright light therapy has been used for decades and is well established in scientific literature.

When your eyes receive light, it sends a signal to your body which helps you feel awake and alert. Using light therapy can have a positive effect on your energy, alertness, mood and sleep patterns if used at the correct times.

By using Re-Timer glasses, you can also:

  • adjust your sleep pattern by re-setting circadian rhythm
  • increase energy and alertness levels
  • alleviate the Winter Blues
  • overcome jet-lag
  • manage shift work transitions

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