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Can Light Therapy Glasses Fix Gen-Z’s Bad Sleep Schedule?

As a generation that spends most of its time in front of digital screens pulling all-nighters, chasing deadlines, and late-night Netflix binges, Gen-Z faces sleep-related problems more than any of its predecessors. It is estimated that the average adult today is glued to mobile and laptop screens for an average of about 9-10 hours a day leading to insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, and inadequate sleep. In an age where detaching oneself from screens is almost impossible, fixing one’s sleep schedule is the need of the hour.

While an estimated 5% resorts to the usage of sleeping pills and other drugs, experts suggest that light therapy may be a safe way to fix bad sleep schedules.


Sleep-related problems can have catastrophic effects on mental and physical health, making one forgetful, less productive, and vulnerable to serious health conditions like dementia and heart attacks in the long run. Not only that, a bad sleep schedule causes premature aging and a weaker immune system. Though pills and other sleep-inducing forms were largely accepted in the past, light therapy is growing to become a safer, more accepted form of fixing sleep schedules.

Light therapy started gaining prominence over the last few years as a means to cure jet lag, depression, and other health concerns. It is only of late that light therapy has started becoming a talked-about alternative to other means of altering sleep patterns and possibly Gen Z’s savior when trying to alter sleep schedules.

Insomnia and inadequate sleep are a result of the circadian rhythm being misaligned. Light therapy goes beyond temporary fixes to re-time the body clock and addresses the problem at the root level. Exposure to light for a fixed period at a given time for a give time period can reset your body clock and give you your 8 hours of beauty sleep.


Historically, light boxes were used to deliver phototherapy, but with changing times, portable light therapy glasses have replaced these conventional boxes. Earlier, one had to be seated next to a plugged lightbox or lamp to reap the benefits of light therapy, though phenomenal in terms of results, restriction of movement was a serious concern. That’s when wearables came into the picture.

Today, light therapy can be delivered in the most portable manner – through swanky-looking glasses, equipped with high-tech elements to fix sleep schedules in a week or less. Portable light therapy glasses use superior green and blue light under the eyes to effectively reset the body clock in the most natural way. The green-blue light delivered under the eye signals the brain when to sleep and wake up thereby improving sleep patterns and overall quality of life.

Light therapy is undoubtedly the most effective way for Gen Z to reset their sleep schedules, here are a few reasons why:

Accessible & Convenient: Light therapy glasses offer at-home treatment which makes them more accessible and comfortable. Since they replace traditional boxes that are usually plugged into the wall, light therapy wearables give you the ease of movement as well. You can use them while reading or getting dinner. Endless possibilities, really.

Non-invasive: Light therapy proves to be an excellent alternative to medication taken internally. It is thereby a safe, non-invasive alternative to fixing sleep schedules, sleep maintenance, and treating insomnia.

Safe: Light therapy wearables do not expose the eyes to UV, thereby making it a safe option for the eyes. In addition, it has fewer side effects than other sleep-correcting mechanisms. Light therapy can also be stopped after a set period of time without adverse effects or return of symptoms.

Light therapy glasses are an ideal investment to re-time the body clock and get your sleep cycle back on track in the safest, most efficient manner. Sleep is your superpower and light therapy glasses help you get it back on track.

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