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Frequently Asked Questions

We have two courier shipping options. If you select Express your Re-Timer will arrive in 2-5 days. If you select Standard it will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

We will reimburse our customers if they are charged any import taxes and duties. Please contact support with a copy of the charges and proof of payment.

Yes. Re-Timer has undergone independent ocular safety testing.

Re-timer doesn’t use any light in the ultraviolet or infrared spectrum, and the intensity of light delivered is lower than what one will experience outdoors in sunlight.
However, we recommend consulting with your physicians if you suffer from eye ailments like retinopathy, cataract, photosensitive disorders, etc. before using this product.

Although Re-Timer does not produce the wavelengths that photosensitizing medications react to, we recommend that you avoid using any light therapy, and avoid excessive sunlight until you are no longer using photosensitizing medication.

Re-Timer is not suitable for children younger than 13 years old as the crystalline lens has not yet matured. Their eyes do not yet filter light in the same way that it does for adults. The result is a sensitivity to light that is too great.

For most people, it is sufficient to use Re-Timer once a day. We recommend you only use the device for 60 minutes or less each 24 hour period.

Re-Timer comes with a USB cable for recharging. If you would like to re-charge your device from a wall outlet, you will need to obtain a wall adapter from your local retailer. Ensure you obtain a wall adapter which is compatible with the USB cable.

Yes. Each Re-Timer comes with a premium case for transportation.

Yes. The battery used complies with international requirements for passenger hand luggage or stowed luggage containing a lithium battery. If you are carrying multiple Re-Timer’s with you, please check with airline to ensure this meets their rules. The battery cannot be removed from the product.

It takes approximately 1 hour to charge the battery. Once charged, the battery light will switch off.

Approximately 4 hours (if the battery has been fully charged). This will fluctuate depending on status of battery charge and temperature.

Results vary from person to person. Generally, you will notice a shift in your body clock within 3 days of use. A similar timeframe is required to realize a benefit for the winter blues.

Re-Timer is designed to fit 95% of the population. If you have an average or slightly large or small head, Re-Timer will fit. The device has an adjustable nosepiece and is made from a material which flexes and contours to your head. This ensures it is stable and comfortable.

Yes. Re-Timer is designed to fit over your reading glasses. The light source is soft so that you are not inhibited from reading or working.

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