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Sleep Tech Gadgets To Stay Healthy And Energized: How Does Re-Timer Help Athletes?

Training and nutrition are two of the most important aspects for athletes to reach their extreme levels of performance.
But what about when it comes to sleep?

Doctors and healthcare specialists working with athletes and other sports professionals all agree – sleep is absolutely vital for athletes for their peak performance. The connection between how well-rested an athlete is and their physical and cognitive performance is undisputed. Additionally, a lack of quality sleep can increase an athlete’s risk of injury and healing time. Athletes who increase their base amount of sleep can outshine their competition. Experts in the field of athlete performance recommend eight to ten hours plus every night for elite athletes.

How does sleep translate to game performance?

A good night’s sleep helps repair muscle tissue, top-up stamina levels and help us regain general alertness. During sleep, the body releases hormones which contribute to muscle repair and growth. HGH (Human growth hormone) is naturally secreted in the body and peaks during slow-wave sleep (deep sleep). Thus, one can get safe, legal HGH just by shutting off the lights!

Sleep helps everyone to retain and consolidate memories. When athletes practice or learn new skills, sleep helps form memories, and contributes to improved performance in the future. Without sleep, the pathways in the brain that allow you to learn and make memories can’t be formed or maintained.

Also, just as exercise can help improve or maintain mental health, sleep is important for maintaining an athlete’s mental health. Quality sleep is associated with improving overall mood. Healthy sleep prevents irritability and decreases the risk of developing issues such as depression.

Jet lag in athletes

Another factor that affects an athlete’s performance is the effects of jet lag on their sleep. When athletes travel to different time zones for competitions, they can get out of their natural circadian phase. This means athletes may experience fatigue or the inability to perform their best due to an irregular sleeping schedule.

The role of Re-timer wearables

Athletes may turn to medication when fatigued and lacking adequate sleep. However, their side effects can be significant, and it is unknown if they actually reset the body clock.

Aiming to deliver the latest technology in sleep science to the athletic community, Re-timer promotes natural sleep using the effects of light therapy on the human body. This sleep wearable makes athletes, wake up feeling rested and energized each morning.

It resets the body clock to an ideal circadian rhythm, using light therapy to help you fall asleep more naturally. Athletes perform better, & recover more quickly when they get more and better sleep.

Re-timer is useful for keeping athletes sleep debt free and in turn be able to train more effectively during the day & enhance their well-being and cognitive performance through better sleep. The super high metabolism of athletes makes them hot at night when trying to sleep, and Re-timer provides comfort to sleep for optimal rest and muscle recovery. This enables them to get enough sleep to fuel the training.

The perfect light therapy device

Re-Timer portable light therapy glasses are worn just like any other pair of eyeglasses, more than a decade of research has gone into creating the perfect blue light therapy glasses.

It uses an ultra-violet-free green-blue light that mimics the bright, natural light of sunrise, and is made to be worn for 30-60 minutes per day, to help reset the wearer’s circadian rhythm, making it easier to wake up feeling refreshed.

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