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“I’m writing to tell you that your device is changing our lives..”

by on 2 Feb 2015

Today, I thought I would share with you an email from one of our customers. Here it is, word for word.

“I’m writing to tell you that your device is changing our lives. My wife has had sleep problems since her twenties, and especially during her nursing career when she had to cope with night shifts as well.

We have been retired now for seventeen years, yet she still lies awake till four or five o’clock in the morning, and then sleeps till nearly noon.

She has of course tried a sleep light (SAD light box) but we noticed very little benefit. But when I stumbled across an ad for the Re-Timer and read the letters of support from grateful sufferers, I thought that a $300 gamble was worth taking.

It has now been only ten days with the Re-timer, but what a difference. Jane is sleeping through the night, and breathing much more quietly. She has almost stopped snoring too, which I didn’t expect. It is wonderful and a little miraculous, and I have to admit that we didn’t really expect the effects to be so dramatic.

There is no doubt that this is all due to the Re-Timer, since no other part of her routine has changed.

We can’t say that everything is perfect yet, but so far we’re thrilled with the results.

Dr John Rankin FRCS, FCSVS”

Thank you Dr John Rankin for allowing us to share your story.


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Disclaimer: Please note Re-Timer is not a solution for snoring.

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