Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses

Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses



Improve your quality of sleep with Swanwick (Swannies) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most Blue Blocking glasses on the market are nothing more than ugly hideous yellow-tinted safety goggles. Enter stylish Swannies.


Do you Want to:

  • Fall asleep Quicker

  • Sleep Deeper

  • Wake up feeling refreshed

  • Reduce eye fatigue

Swannies are FDA registered and have been extensively researched, designed and manufactured specifically to block blue light.


What exactly are swannies?

Invented by Aussies James and his brother Tristan Swanwick (AKA Swannies). Swannies were born out of necessity to prevent harmful blue light.

Swannies blue light blocking glasses improve the quality of your sleep by filtering out harmful artificial blue light from electronic devices such as computers, televisions, Ipads, Kindles, Smartphones and lighting such as LED lights.

Simply by wearing your Swannies 90+ minutes before bed you can help to filter out these harmful blue lights. Blue-lights shut down your natural melatonin production and in turn disrupts your sleep.

Swannies also prevent eye damage from excessive screen use as well as symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, sore eyes and fatigue.


Why is Blue light so bad for us?

Before the invention of electricity humans relied on the light of the sun and the moon to tell our circadian rhythm when it was time to sleep and when it was time to wake. These days with modern technology we are constantly tricking our bodies into thinking that its always day time.

Staring into a bright computer screen or smartphone before bed will disrupt your bodies level of melatonin. Reduction in melatonin makes it much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.



Swannies are made from cellulose acetate. This is the highest quality material available for premium eye wear and the industry standard.

Made from cotton fibers and wood pulp, this natural plastic is a renewable, environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Swannies Orange tinted  Lenses are top of the line poly-carbonate which have an anti-glare coating on front and back.


Swannies are Loved all over the world by celebrities, PC Gamers and for anyone wanting to restore their sleep!