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“Re-Timer Gave My Wife Back Her Life!”

by Laura Falls on 13 Nov 2014

“Re-Timer Gave My Wife Back Her Life!” was the title of an email we received last week so I thought I would share it with you. Here it is… word for word.

Hi Laura,

I appreciate the opportunity to thank you and everyone at Re-Timer for creating such a wonderful product.

My wife of 34 years has struggled with regular sleep for many years; when our children were young it was because of our busy lifestyle, but now that the kids are grown and gone her problem has been hormone changes related to menopause.

When she would go to bed she would fall asleep quickly but then awake at 2-3 AM and was unable to fall back asleep until 6-7 AM. 

Her energy level and clarity of thought was slipping and it was a huge concern to the both of us.

I had read about Re-Timer before and wondered if it could possibly help her change her sleep pattern to get a full nights’ sleep. Having tried nearly everything else (even sleeping pills, which left her groggy all day) we decided to give Re-Timer a try. Wow!!

After just a few nights’ use, she began to sleep more restfully and for a longer period of time. After just about a week she was falling asleep about 11 PM and sleeping until 7 AM, it was awesome!!

Now, when she feels herself slipping back into those old sleep patterns, she will use her Re-Timer for a night or two and get back on track to a great nights’ sleep.

Many thanks to you and everyone at Re-Timer for your amazing product! My wife now has the energy and clarity of thought that she had before her sleep problems began. We’re both a lot happier and we’re able to resume our active lifestyle and do more together.

Best regards,

Randy Lewis
Greenacres, WA

Thank you very much Randy for allowing us to share your story! 

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