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data driven wellness | seamless app integration | 25 years of research | harnesses the power of light | UV free

About 10 years back, we embarked on a journey to change the way the world sleep. Our first product Re-Timer, which was the world’s first wearable blue-green light therapy was released in 2012 to a worldwide acclaim.

For the last 2 years we worked to redesign Re-Timer to address the needs of a changing sleep market, with an aim to aid users in adapting to and recovering from changes in sleep patterns with a wearable which is not just data driven, but also comfortable & stylish. The new and innovative version, retimer 3, is a step forward in this journey.

Designed to redefine the way the world experiences sleep & wakefulness, retimer 3 comes with a mobile app. Integrated with Apple Health and Google Health, the app gives consumers a simple method to manage, monitor and align their circadian rhythm (body clock) with their lifestyle challenges – jet lag, odd working hours, inability to sleep or awaken on time, and poor sleep in general.


retimer3 smart mobile app

connecting sleep, health, & happiness, one app at a time

Take control of your well-being with our intuitive app available on iOS and Android. Schedule sessions, track usage, and gain insights into your journey toward holistic wellness.

hear from the beta testers

I used retimer 3 before two trips in quick succession to first New York then Los Angeles as I wanted to be sharp for some important meetings. All I had to do was use the retimer 3 mobile app to create a customised schedule and the results were wonderful. The normal 5 hour per day jetlag for the first three days was reduced to less than an hour at the most. I was really happy and felt happy that I had a good result without having to rely on Melatonin or excessive coffee!

Michelle Kothe

I was skeptical at first, but after trying retimer 3 for a fortnight, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep quality. I felt more relaxed and refreshed in the morning, and I had more energy throughout the day and thanks to the retimer mobile app, I know when exactly to wear it and get insights on how it is helping me sleep and awake on time.

Stewart Leo

retimer 3 is amazing!
After 20 years as a shift worker in the Hospitality industry, always suffering a certain amount of fatigue, retimer 3 have significantly changed my work/life balance in just a month. I have more energy and focus when on night shifts at work, and do not lose my first rostered day off to sleeping all day.

Jessica P

the science behind it

sign up for the pre-order list to get upto 55% off

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