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Sleep and Shift Work

Globalisation has given rise to the 24-hour work culture.

More and more people around the world are working night shifts.

Working during the night is not the same as working during the day as the biological clock and circadian rhythms are significantly impacted leading to higher levels of fatigue and reduced alertness.

The Wellcome Trust UK, enlisted the Liminal Space to explore the subject of sleep and shift workers and, how to makeshift workers healthier.  This research project was supported by the University of Oxford and Co-Op. The result of this research is Night Club – a community and unique physical space where Co-op warehouse operatives came together to learn, discuss and engage through innovative educational activities and experiences, including expert clinics, light-based experiments using Re-Timers, chronotype activities, midnight feast meals and an immersive sleep haven. The engagement intervention was designed to inform and empower a workforce facing multiple challenges. Positively, 85% of Night Club attendees reported that they had learned new information about sleep and their own sleep health during the process.

There is substantial evidence that Light Therapy is very effective in improving sleep patterns and overcome fatigue during work.

Re-Timer is a must-have tool for all shift workers to ensure they achieve healthy sleep levels, remain alert and active at work (resulting in increased safety at work).
It can be extremely beneficial if you are someone who drives back home during the early morning hours to wear Re-Timer during your shift break and at least for 15 minutes before you start driving. (Re-Timer shouldn’t be used while driving and/or while operating any machinery/equipment).

Find out how the University of Oxford, The Liminal Space and Co-op came together to create the world’s first ‘Night Club’-a community and unique physical space to learn and overcome the negative impact of sleep on shift work.

Re-Timer was used at the ‘Night Club’ to derive the benefits of Light Therapy. Watch the video-https://vimeo.com/395145124

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