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Here are some comments from our satisfied customers.


I have been an insomniac since I was a child and have tried many different medications with most either not working or leaving me feeling drowsy and still not fully rested the next day. Re-Timer actually does work and while the light takes a bit of getting use to it’s well worth it! Re-Timer has made it possible for me live a normal life.
Robert Adams
Melbourne, Australia

Re-Timer exceeded my expectations. Within 2 weeks I had dramatically improved my sleep pattern. I was able to fall asleep when I needed to (without drugs) and wake up easily! I’m no longer late for work every day which is a huge relief and I’m convinced it helped me to be promoted. I have recommended it to my family, friends and colleagues. Try it!
Meg Prior
Adelaide, Australia

This device changed my life. I now look forward to going to bed. I fall asleep easy and I get to spend more time with my family as I get up earlier than I used to. I also feel more energetic when I use the light.
Adelaide, Australia

My benefits are twofold. Use of the Re-Timer helps re-establish better sleeping patterns and provides relief from winter blues. I believe it to be a superior product that’s worth the expense.
Phil Bamford
Adelaide, Australia

Thank you so much for the expedited delivery … I have used the glasses for 2 nights and experienced tiredness in the evening … something I didn’t recognise on the first night. The second night confirmed I was in fact tired – a symptom my body had long ago lost touch with. I think you may have just turned my life around.
Lyn Peel
Sydney, Australia 

I wanted to try drug free option for my sleep problems. I found that I was able to fall asleep a lot quicker than before I tried the Re-Timer. I didn’t wake up through the night as much either. Generally now I go to bed around 10pm I wake about 5.30 – 6.00 am.
Lynne Mackeller
Sydney, Australia

I recently purchased a pair of the Re-Timer glasses. I am now on day 6 of using the glasses. I would like to say thank you. What a difference they have made to my quality of life
Carole Russell
Perth, Australia

After staying up a lot during university I had a lot of trouble getting my sleep pattern back to the way it used to be. Re-Timer has made getting up in the morning easier but more importantly I don’t lay in bed for hours trying to get to sleep any more.
Peter Crane
Perth, Australia

I have been using the Re-Timer for 8 months now and use it daily. I was previously using a goLITE which I found wasn’t very practical. With the Re-Timer I can walk around in the morning – awesome.
Richard Piper
Melbourne, Australia

I was going to bed later and later so I tried the Re-Timer. I was fairly skeptical but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as they do regulate my sleeping habits.
David Tregilgas
Adelaide, Australia

My experience with the Re-Timer has been nothing but positive – easy to use, safe and very effective in returning abysmal sleep patterns to a very healthy pattern – and as an added plus, no medication involved.  A really great device!
Jolanta Zimowska
Perth, Australia

Last year, my son struggled with a distressing sleep phase-shift problem that caused him to miss an entire term of school. We saw many medical professionals who prescribed a range of medications, including melatonin and sleeping pills. After a long-awaited appointment with a sleep physician, we acted upon his recommendation and tried a Re-Timer. After one day’s use, we saw some changes, and within two weeks, his normal sleep cycle was restored. Since then, he has used it on occasion to sort his sleep cycle out after a run of late nights or broken sleep. I recommend it unreservedly.
Julie Smith
Melbourne, Australia

I suffered debilitating, chronic insomnia for 20 years. My work suffered to the extent that I chose early retirement. The insomnia continued for another decade. I then became aware of Re-Timer and purchased immediately. After a week or two of daily Re-Timer use, my circadian rhythms were re-established and the insomnia disappeared. I think I have only used my Re-Timer once in the 18 months since. I thoroughly recommend Re-Timer.
Ronald Fredericks
Adelaide, Australia

Re-Timer has given me control over my on-going sleep issues. It’s easy to use and it’s a drug-free solution. I used it a lot when I first bought it and my sleeping habits improved significantly. Now I just use it every couple of weeks to keep me on track. I’m very happy – it was well worth the purchase price.
Noreen Baird
Adelaide, Australia


I purchased Re-Timer to adapt my sleep to the dark Canadian winter days. It really worked and will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a safe light therapy product that really works and is easy to use.
El Battay
Ottawa, Canada

It makes me go to bed earlier than normal and thus have longer sleep
Siu Ming Lam
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Re-Timer works. It took less than a week to dramatically transform the time I went to sleep and the time I got up. All I had to do was wear Re-Timer once a day for less than an hour and boom my sleeping pattern was changed. It was easy. Probably too easy. Highly recommended.
Adam Sussman
London, United Kingdom

I am so pleased with this product, as it has most definitely helped my delayed phase sleep issues… the tendency to stay up later and later. I also have winter blues because of the long dark winters up here in the northwest and this is just great for helping with this as well. It is so much more convenient than having to sit next to a big light box. Am grateful for this product, which is why I have taken the time to write a testimonial for it.
Gary Lee Zerr
Keizer, USA

Re-Timer helped me change my sleep patterns which I had been unable to do (for several years – and through many methods and attempts) because of a sleep disorder related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although it hasn’t solved all the sleep issues, the sleep I do get is now during a more normal time, which is helpful for my quality of life. Now that I am up when other people are up it gives me a better way to have relationships with my family/friends – instead of being forced to be up and lonely at night and resting during the day when others are up.
Ben Pearce
Christchurch, New Zealand

I was sleeping pill dependent. I saw the write-up on the Re-Timer in the UK’s Daily Mail in Dec 2012 and ordered one straight away. Since using the Re-Timer, I’ve not reverted to taking sleeping pills. I am very relieved that your device seems to have sorted me out…
Christopher Trench
London, United Kingdom 

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with my Re-Timer! I had suffered what I thought was insomnia for 20+ years and it was affecting my life so much. I have MS and the exhaustion I had was ridiculous and causing me pain and worse symptoms. I by chance saw a mention of the glasses (whilst awake at 5am as was usual) on the Daily Mail website and discovered all about my delayed sleeping pattern. The cost was a lot for me but I decided I had to take a chance and anything would be better than the cycle I was in of staying up all night at least once a week and then doping myself with strong sleeping tablets to try and have some sort of normal routine. Within just 2 days of using the glasses I started to notice a difference and within 5 or so my sleep pattern had completely changed – a miracle! I can’t thank you enough for the difference. I now no longer dread lying awake at night for 7+ hours even though I’m exhausted. I now wake up every morning feeling better and well rested. It truly has changed my life. Thank you
Jean Power
London, United Kingdom

I am experiencing changes to my sleep pattern almost right away – most profoundly, sleeping the night through – which is such a blessing! I am also finding myself feeling sleepier earlier in the evening.
Jo Bell
Toronto, Canada

I was able to re-adjust my sleep schedule, and I am impressed how easy and effective the use of the Re-Timer was. I think the results are far better than I expected, because I have struggled for many years with my sleep cycle. I’m quite happy. I also found that my overall mood was enhanced; it seems that the light wavelength effected an enhancement to my overall sense of well-being and joy.
Kevin Hodges
Toronto, Canada


I purchased Re-Timer to help me get through the winter blues. If its winter and I find I’m feeling a bit depressed I just put on my Re-Timers and in 50 minutes I’m feeling a whole lot better. Sometimes I wear them every day, other times I may not need them for a few weeks. I believe they make a difference. I get through winter much better than I did before.
Paula Smith
Melbourne, Australia

Re-Timer has been much more useful to me than a conventional light box because it is portable and I am able to use it at the most appropriate time much more easily. The size and the portability are both big plusses. It is also less intrusive in terms of brightness than the very bright light box I used previously. An added bonus: can be worn over my eyeglasses and looks reasonably “cool” (hip).
Marguerida Murphy
Melbourne, Australia

The Re-Timer is certainly worth purchasing. It has been very beneficial in these winter months, all the family members use the Re-Timer, I highly recommend.
Nigel Burnett
Geelong, Australia

Hi, my name is Moya and I have suffered with insomnia and SAD for 16 years. I had tried everything from sleeping pills, sleep clinics, natural therapies EVERYTHING!!!!!!! until I was watching the TV one night and saw Re-Timer on the Today Tonight programme. I was utterly amazed by the testimonials from the people on the show, and had to try the Re-Timer myself.  I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The Re-Timer seems to set your clock back to where it should be. I use it as soon as I wake up for 50 minutes for a few days a month. This seems to help me fall asleep more easily. I still wake up through the night but can get back to sleep where as I couldn’t before. The Re-Timer also helps greatly with the winter blues. I have found this product to work for me where others have done nothing.
Moya James
Perth, Australia

I have suffered with SAD and Re-Timer has completely turned this around. I used to dread winter but with my Re-Timer I can enjoy winter and not have to worry about my mood and energy levels. I also use Re-Timer to regulate my sleep rhythm and wake me up in the morning. The results from this product are outstanding!
Kirsty Jeffree
Adelaide, Australia

I purchased Re-Timer thinking I had nothing to lose. My body doesn’t easily wake-up without the daylight trigger, so before my trusty set of glasses, I was effectively ‘out-of-wack’ all winter and feeling ‘unlike my normal self’. With them, life is now bliss, even in cold, dark, Canberra winters. Who would have thought that such a simple device could be such a life-improver?
Maureen Gain
Sydney, Australia


It actually works!!!
Michael Hansen
Silkeborg, Denmark

When compared to the high price of quality light therapy devices Re-Timer is a great value. The ability to use Re-Timer while performing other routine tasks makes a huge difference to actually getting the light therapy I need.
Drew Loika
Seattle, USA

Very light. Had a Philips goLITE for years then needed something portable. This does the trick nicely. Thank you!
Peter Moore
New York, USA

This is the most convenient light therapy device out there on the market. Other products have to sit on a desk and be stared at for 15 minutes. I can put on my Re-Timer in the morning when I get up after the shower and go about my routine getting ready for work and having breakfast. By the time I leave the house, I feel noticeably more refreshed and awake. Like a second cup of coffee!
Daniel Pike
San Diego, USA


Re-Timer has really helped me to prepare and adjust to the time zones throughout the competition season. Usually I find myself waking in the middle of night and not being able to fall back asleep. This can be detrimental to training and competition preparation. Re-Timer has helped me get ahead of the game and be ready to perform at my best.
Danielle Scott, Sochi Olympic Aerial Ski Champion
Sydney, Australia

I bought Re-Timer before two trips in quick succession to first New York then Los Angeles and I wanted to be sharp for some important meetings. So although my wife requested that I never be seen in public wearing them, I gave them a try and the results were wonderful. The normal 5 hour per day jetlag for the first three days was reduced to an hour at the most. I was really happy and felt happy that I had a good result without having to rely on Melatonin or excessive coffee!
John McCubbery
Melbourne, Australia

We wanted to minimise our jet lag for a 3 week trip to South Africa and having to return to work immediately on our return. The Re-Timer was easy to use, the calculator was great and it worked perfectly! Normally I suffer from jet lag for over a week after travel. This time I was all lined up with local time within 3 days of arrival.
Michelle Kothe
Canberra, Australia

I have now used the Re-Timer for two trips to the USA from Australia and on both occasions I found it to help me adjust very quickly to the new time zone. It really allows you to make the most of your holiday time.
Steven Bishop
Melbourne, Australia

I have used Re-Timer several times now in travelling to the UK and North America from Australia and have not had jetlag at all. I used to need sleeping pills the first few nights but not anymore.
Wayne Burgan
Adelaide, Australia

I use Re-Timer on regular travel between Europe and Australia. Normally it took 4 to 5 day to come out of the jet lag. With the Re-Timer it was shortened to two days
Krzysztof Buda
Perth, Australia

I travel once a year between Sydney and London. On the east west leg I take about 7 days to get my sleeping back to normal. This time with Re-Timer it was more like 3 days with no really early (3am) wake ups. I used the website to plan the usage pattern and this was not at all onerous. Back information was easy to get promptly by email – though I did not need much help. I am looking forward to testing it again Jan 14.
Richard Morgan
Sydney, Australia

Re-Timer if used in accordance with the on line calculator significantly reduces jetlag. I have used it several times in thrice yearly trips to London for business and found that it allows me to get back to normal working hours more quickly than would otherwise be the case.
Mike Roberts
Sydney, Australia


Re-Timer is a great piece of technology. I use it when I fly overseas and it eliminates jet lag. I highly recommend it.
Keith Chipman
Grande Prairie, Canada

So these (Re-Timers) adjust the body clock for jet lag. Work well, and provide a lot of jokes!
Ben Spies, Superbike World Championship Rider for Pramac Ducati
Memphis, USA 

I used Re-Timer for my travel between Tahiti and France for jet lag. I did not suffer from jet lag in either country.
Robinson Beaumont
La Colle sur Loup, France

This is a great device for people who travel a lot like myself and do not want to use pills to adjust the body clock. It works well and feels very natural
P. van Leeuwen

The Re-Timer has really helped to cut out my jet lag.  As a frequent traveler my sleep used to be disrupted for a week especially with west to east travel, but now the next day I am fine. The Re-Timer looks a bit strange, and don’t just walk out one morning without telling those near and dear to you without forewarning, but it is definitely worth it.
Jay Gough
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My husband uses Re-Timer every time he comes home from overseas.  It helps with his jet-lag.  I’m glad I made the purchase.
Ann Hannan
New Braunfels, USA

I am using Re-Timer for Jet Lag! We live overseas, and the last few years I have had a tough time with being jet lagged. We travel from Houston,Texas to Lagos, Nigeria three times a year. Overall, the Re-Timer has helped!
Marcella Bee
Houston, USA


By purchasing the Re-Timers my life as a shift worker has become a lot better and safer. Before Re-Timers it was very difficult to drive home after working through the night and I would often find myself having micro naps while driving, which was very dangerous and worrying to me and my partner. But since purchasing the Re-Timers I find my sleeping through the day has become better and wearing them before work really helps in getting through the night’s work and most importantly driving home the following day. Now I couldn’t go back to not using them as I feel much safer.
Leighton Gunther
Melbourne, Australia

After 20 years as a shift worker in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry, always suffering a certain amount of fatigue, my Re-Timer glasses have significantly changed my work/life balance. I have more energy and focus when on night shifts at work, and do not lose my first rostered day off to sleeping all day. Thank you Re-Timer.
Stewart Leo Cartmell
Perth, Australia

I promote this product without hesitation. My quality of sleep has transformed. SAD is no longer lingering, holding me back. As a shift worker, I now understand through the use of these glasses, how far away from optimal I had been.
Leesa Moore
Sydney, Australia

As a mining shift worker the Re-Timer was better than expected and helped immensely in keeping me awake between the 2am – 4am period which was the hardest period on the nightshift for me. I’m a dump truck driver doing 7 days 7 nights and 7 off.
Adam Patterson
Perth, Australia

Being a shift worker sleep Re-Timer helped me where nothing else did especially when working night shift.
Gary Fenton
Melbourne, Australia

I had a sleeping problem for 30 years. No normal treatment worked. Re-Timer gave me the first relief I ever had. The cure wasn’t immediate, and it took time, but I have been steadily improving ever since I used it.
Wal Watters
Sydney, Australia

Made a huge difference. Improved sleep. Woke up feeling more rested than previously. Improved mood. Coped much better with night shift.
Brenda Pearce
Adelaide, Australia

I use my Re-Timer daily. I have found it very helpful in resetting my sleep patterns. I am a shift worker and it really helps me deal with night shifts. I have also found it great for enhancing my moods. It’s a quality product and I would recommend any one try it.
Sonia Riddall
Sydney, Australia

I am a night person and always more active and awake at night. I have worked afternoon shifts for many years which suits me. I usually start work at 5pm and finish about midnight. I bought the Re-Timer as sometimes I find it hard to sleep when I get home and end up staying up all night until the day. Then I get up late (3pm) and am still tired with a day wasted. The Re-Timer is excellent as I am able to wake up earlier, put the glasses on and feel more awake. I am then able to sleep earlier when I get home after work. This enables me to get up earlier, function better and do more in the day before work.
Stephen Perrymeant
Adelaide, Australia


As a night shift worker, I use the Re-Timer to avoid early morning tiredness when my body wants to shut down and sleep. Regular use before going on shift keeps me alert for a 10 hour night shift.
John Benson
Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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