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The Company

Re-Time Pty Ltd was formed in 2010 to help people re-time their body clocks and improve sleep.

Initially, the company set out to develop a solution to help thousands of people improve their sleep.

Professor Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright from Flinders University had been researching and developing the world’s first wearable green-blue light therapy device since 1987.

Over two years a team of seven engineers, two ophthalmic experts and two sleep psychologists designed Re-Timer. Over one year (1,900 hours) of work time was spent on computer-aided design alone. The team worked tirelessly to incorporate the latest sleep science from Flinders University into an ergonomic wearable device. Four design iterations and 160 logged design changes later, Re-Timer was launched to worldwide acclaim in November 2012.

Since then, thousands of units have been sold worldwide. As the benefits of Re-Timer spread through word of mouth, demand for the technology continues to grow.

Today, Re-Timer is assembled in a state of the art clean room, in Adelaide, Australia. Re-Timer has been sold in more than 40 different countries worldwide and is the world’s number one selling wearable light therapy device.

Re-Timer is dedicated to helping people sleep, and to feel and perform better by using the latest sleep science.

Our newest invention is Thim. This device is programmed to deliver sleep re-training and power napping programs via a small and lightweight wearable device. Available soon on Kickstarter. Learn more here: http://thim.io

Right now, more than 2.3 billion people are trying to sleep. Up to 50% of the population experience sleeping difficulty and tiredness. These same surveys find that 5-10% of the whole population suffers the more chronic sleep issues.

Take control of your sleep today.


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