There’s an App for a Nap

Sleep research from Australia in 2007 and 2012 found that a sleep laboratory technique called “Intensive Sleep Retraining” (ISR) can greatly improve sleep in people suffering from insomnia. ISR is essentially “practicing” falling asleep: repeated chances to fall asleep briefly, followed immediately by feedback about whether or not the person is aware that they fell asleep. ISR was so effective in the laboratory that two prominent sleep researchers expressed the need for a home-based method of this powerful procedure.

Using the core elements from the Australian laboratory research, ISR can now be done with the Sleep On Cue™ app, for an hour or two, around bedtime following any poor night of sleep. ISR with the Sleep On Cue™ app gives a person with insomnia the experience of falling asleep over and over, allowing them to “re-learn” how to fall asleep. Ability, confidence, and awareness in sleep can improve dramatically, which can lead to successfully getting off sleeping medications and/or alcohol for sleep.

How The Sleep On Cue™ Works

An accurate and reliable indicator of the start of sleep is when we become unresponsive to auditory tones. We have all had the experience of talking or reading to someone who is sleepy – after a little while, they no longer reply back to us. This natural phenomenon is at the core of the Sleep On Cue™ app: in bed with earbud headphones, the app emits faint tones, and the user gives their smartphone a slight shake after each tone. Once shakes are no longer detected, sleep has begun and, following the ISR procedure, the user is woken up (the app vibrates the phone). Upon awakening, the app asks the user about their experience: “Do you think you fell asleep?” Once the user makes their guess, the app displays the correct answer. Repeating this process a number of times around bedtime is how to do ISR at home. Sleep becomes easier, less elusive.  A summary graph is displayed at the end of each sleep training session to keep track of and share your progress. The Sleep On Cue™ app is also designed with a user-adjustable nap module to take the perfect, customized nap anytime.