Trouble waking in the morning?

by on 25 Feb 2014

Trouble waking in the morning may be a sign of a delayed circadian rhythm.

If you lie awake in bed for an extended period of time before you are able to fall asleep, then you may not be able to get sufficient duration of sleep throughout the night. As a result, you struggle to wake up in the morning.

Re-timing your circadian rhythm to an earlier time (falling asleep earlier) can be achieved through the use of green light. Green light has been shown in university trials to be the most effective wavelength in re-timing the circadian clock.

Re-Timer has taken the latest knowledge from the field of sleep science and applied this into a wearable light therapy technology. Re-Timer, when worn for 30 minutes in the morning for 4 days may help you advance your body clock to an earlier time. This increases duration of sleep because it allows you to fall asleep earlier.

Re-Timer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee to all customers.

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