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Add the Power of SUN to your YOGA !

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Light Therapy anywhere and everywhere.

Enhance your yoga with Re-Timer

Yoga is a way to connect with nature’s 5 vital elements – Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), Earth (Prithvi), Air, (Vaayu) & Space (Aakash). Light is very important to maintain the balance. It helps our body regulate energy levels, circadian rhythm, melatonin and serotonin levels and also mood and mental state. By incorporating Light Therapy with your yoga practice, you are complementing the efforts to maintain the required harmony in the body.

Modern lifestyle and urban living conditions prevents us from getting the desired exposure to bright sun light, thus depriving us of the critical benefits leading to health imbalance.


How Light Can Boost Your Energy

It is believed that a co-relation exists between yoga and psycho-neuro-physiological processes in the human body. Yoga helps keep the pineal gland active which in-turn helps in ensuring normal melatonin production responsible for regulating sleep-wake up cycle. When yoga asanas such as Surya Namaskara (sun salutation) are complemented with Re-Timer, it may supplement the energy produced and keep you active and alert.

Why Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses?

Bright light therapy has been used for decades and is well established in the scientific literature.

When your eyes receive light, it sends a signal to your body which helps you feel awake and alert. Using light therapy can have a positive effect on your energy, alertness and sleep patterns if used at the correct times.

Portable light therapy

Portable glasses provide you the benefits of bright light with minimal interruption to your life.


Peace of Mind

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