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Here’s how Re-Timer helps

Re-Timer light therapy glasses use light to help you change your sleep-wake rhythm when you travel

Jet lag is caused by a misalignment between your sleep rhythm (internal body clock) and your destination time. When you travel across time zones, your body doesn’t know when to be awake or asleep, causing you to feel jet lagged.

When your eyes detect light, this sends a signal to your brain to be awake and alert. Similarly, as it becomes dark your body produces melatonin causing you to feel sleepy. Re-Timer uses light to help your body understand when you want to sleep and wake.

  • Naturally adjust your body clock with light therapy
  • 100% UV free light, independently tested for eye safety (IEC 62471)
  • Wear for 60 minutes per day, three days before travel and three days on arrival

Travelling east?

It will be more difficult to fall asleep at night.

Wear Re-Timer in the morning to help you fall asleep earlier.

Travelling west?

You’ll feel tired early and wake through the night.

Wear Re-Timer in the evening to help you move your sleep later.

Jet lag calculator

Customise your schedule in our jet lag calculator

Enter the destination to create your own personalised Re-Timer program

Here’s what people like you have to say

“Re-Timer is a great piece of technology. I use it when I fly overseas and it eliminates jet lag. I highly recommend it.”



Fight Jet Lag on your next trip

Re-Timer is the travel habit of elite athletes, executives and holiday travellers around the world.

Preparation before departure is the key to smooth sailing on arrival at your destination.

High and low brightness settings on Re-Timer allow you to adjust your sleep patterns quickly or slowly.

Make sure you arrive at your destination awake and alert – and get the most out of your trip.

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  • We pay all the taxes and duties for you
  • Tracked shipping, global delivery



Jet Lag Calculator

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