Catch a cold and a sleep problem: How to protect your sleep during winter

It is that time of year in the northern hemisphere. Our days are shorter and skies are greyer. As the outside world becomes drearier, the temptation to lie in bed all day grows. We enter hibernation mode. But this time of year promotes the development of poor habits which can impact your sleep. Here is… 


After Years Struggling To Sleep, Hi-Tech Goggles "Gave My Wife Back Her Life!"

Woman cures insomnia and finally gets a good night’s sleep thanks to hi-tech eyewear that emits green light Leticia Lewis, 54, suffered from insomnia for years She would often find herself wide awake by 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. As a result, she felt utter exhaustion and wasn’t able to do the things she once enjoyed She started using Re-Timer…